ACP Azimuth Change Pulse
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATCC Air Traffic Control Centre
ATS Air Traffic Services
BITE Built-In Test Equipment
CFAR Constant False Alarm Rate
CMB Combined (PSR and SSR)
CMTP Common Medium-Term Plan
CMV Coverage Measurement Volume
DGPS Differential Global Positioning System
DPE Digital Plot Extractor
EATCHIP European Air Traffic Control Harmonization and Integration Programme
EGNOS European Geostationary Orbit System
ERP Effective Radiated Power
ERSS EUROCONTROL Radar Surveillance Standard
FAT Factory Acceptance Tests
FRUIT False Replies Unsynchronised In Time
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System
GTC Gain Time Control
GPS Global Positioning System (US GNSS system)
GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System (CIS GNSS system)
HPD Horizontal Polar Diagram
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
IISLS Improved Interrogation Side Lobe Suppression
IF Intermediate Frequency
IRF Interrogation Repetition Frequency
I/O Input/Output
ISLS Interrogation Sidelobe Suppression
LVA Large Vertical Aperture
MDS Minimum Detectable Signal
MOF Mode Of Flight
MTD Moving Target Detection
MTI Moving Target Indicator
MTPA Mobile Transponder Performance Analyser
MSSR Monopulse Surveillance Secondary System
OCV Operational Coverage Volume
OBA Off Boresight Angle
PAT Provisional Acceptance Tests
Pd Probability of Position Detection
Pfa Probability of False Alarm
Pcd Probability of Code Detection
Pcv Probability of Code Validation
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency
PRI Pulse Repetition Interval
PRP Pulse Repetition Period
PSR Primary Surveillance Radar (also 'PR')
RASS Radar Analysis Support System
RCS Radar Cross Section
RDPS Radar Data Processing System
RF Radio Frequency
RSLS Receiver Side Lobe Suppression
RSS Radar Separation Standard
RFM Remote Field Monitor
RMCS Remote Monitoring and Control System
RTQC/A Real Time Quality Control/Assessment
SAT Site Acceptance Tests
SLS Side Lobe Suppression
SPAS Sensor Performance Analysis Standard
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar
STAT Second Time Around Target
STCA Short Term Conflict Alert
STC Sensitivity Time Control
VPD Vertical Polar Diagram
VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
ACC Area Control Centre
ADS Automatic Dependent Surveillance
AENA Aeropuertos Espanoles y Navegacion Aerea
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network
ARTAS ATC Radar Tracker and Server
ASR Airport Surveillance Radar
ASTERIX All purpose STructured Eurocontrol Radar Information EXchange
ATARS Automatic Traffic Avoidance and Resolution System
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATCC Air Traffic Control Centre
ATM Air Traffic Management
ATS Air Traffic Services
bit Binary Digit
bps bits per second
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CIPD EATCHIP Convergence and Implementation Programme Document 
CWP Controller Working Position
dB Decibels
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
Deg Degrees
DGAC Director/Directorate General of Civil Aviation
DOS Disk Operating System
EASIE Enhanced ATM and Mode S Implementation in Europe
EATCHIP European ATC Harmonization and Integration Programme
ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference
EEC Eurocontrol Experimental Centre
EFP Spain, France, Portugal
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETO Estimated Time Over Significant Point
Eurocontrol European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation
EWPD EATCHIP Work Programme Document
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FDPS Flight Data Processing System
FIR Flight Information Region
FL Flight Level
FPPS Flight Plan Processing System
FTmn False Track Length Mean
FTprob False Track Probability
FTsd False Track Length Standard Deviation
Gb Gigabyte ( equivalent to 1 073 741 824 bytes)
GTr Ghost Track Rate
H Hours
HSM High Speed Modem
Hz Hertz
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
IOSS Input-Output Sub-System
IRF Interrogation Repetition Frequency
IRT Interrogation Repetition Time
KARLDAP Karlsruhe Automatic Data Processing System
kt Knots
LAN Local Area Network
MADAP Maastricht Automatic Data Processing System
MB Megabyte ( equivalent to 1 048 576 bytes)
MHz Megahertz  (equivalent to 1 million hertz)
min Minutes
MOF Mode-of-Flight
ms Milliseconds
MSAW Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
MSSR Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar
MURATREC Multi Radar Trajectory Reconstitution Programme
NM Nautical Mile
OAT Operational Air Traffic
OC Object Correlator
OLDI On-Line Data Interchange
OM Ministerial Order
ORCAM Originating Region Code Assignment Method
PATs PHARE Advanced Tools
PD Probability of Detection
PDP Polar Plot Diagram
PHARE Programme for the Harmonisation of ATM Research in Eurocontrol
PSR Primary Surveillance Radar
RADNET RAdar Data NETwork
RASCAL Radar Sharing Calculation
RASP Radar Applications Specialist Panel
RASS-C Radar Analysis Support System for ATC Centres
RASS-S Radar Analysis Support System for ATC Sensors
RDPS Radar Data Processing System
RF Radio Frequency
RMS Root Mean Square
RSS Radar Sub-System
RSSP Radar Systems Specialist Panel
RTQC Real Time Quality Control
s Seconds
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar
STCA Short-Term Conflict Alert
STNA Service Technique de la Navigation Aerienne
SURT EATCHIP Surveillance Team
tau Greek letter representing time
TAR Terminal Area  Surveillance Radar
TCAS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
TDr Track Drop Rate
TIDmn Track Initiation Delay Mean
TIDsd Track Initiation Delay Standard Deviation
TMA Terminal Control Area
TSr Track Swop Rate
TSS Traffic Sub-System
TTL Transistor-Transistor Logic
UAC Upper Area Control Centre
UNIX UNiplexed Information and Computing Service
UTC Coordinated Universal Time
VFR Visual Flight Rules
AAC Automatic Announcement Messages
AAM Automatic Annoucement Message
A500 Aircat 500 data format
ABI ActionButton(mouse)                                                                          
ABI Advanced Boundary Information message 
ACC Air Control Centre
ACFT AirCraFt Type
ACH ATC flight plan Change
ACO Accepts a hand off from an adjacent sector
ACP Accept Message
ACP Asynchronous Communication Processor 
ACS Applications Control Services
ACT Activation message
ADEP Airport of Departure
ADES Airport of  Destination
ADEXP ATS Data Exchange Presentation
ADP Auxiliary Data Processing system
AES Application Enviroment Specification
AFI Authority and Format Identifier
AFL Air Flight Level
AFL Actual Flight Level
AFIL Airborne Flight
AFP Asynchronous Front Processor
AFPL ATC flight plan proposal
AFPL Active Flight Plan
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
AGC                     Automatic Gain Control
AIREP Air Report
ahdg assigned heading
AKP Arrow Key Pad
ALR Alerting
ALTN Alternate Airport
AMA Airport administration or Military system
AMID Approach Multi Input Device
AMR Automatic Master Re-allocation
AMS Automatic Message Switch
ANKP Alpha Numeric Keys Pad
AO Aircraft Operator
AOC Assume Control , Assume / Accept Of Control
APL ATC flight plan
APL Abbreviated Flight Plan
APP Approach
APR Automatic Position Reporting
APPL APP Location
arc assigned rate of  climb/descent
ARO Air Traffic Service Reporting Office
ARR Arrival
ASP    Air Situation Processing
ASR  Air Situation Restart function
ASPB Air Situation playback
ASTERIX All purpose STructured Eurocontrol Radar information aXchange
ASSR Assigned (or actual) SSR code
ATA Actual Time of Arrival
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATCC Air Traffic Control Centre
ATFM Air Traffic Flow Management
ATG Air Traffic Generator
ATD Actual Time of Departure
ATG Air Traffic Generator
ATO Actual Time of Overflight
ATS Air Traffic Services
AT&T American Telephone and Telegraph Company
AUI Attachment Unit Interface rozhranie sieł-rtx
AVA Auto Visual Authoring
AVMC Asymmetric Vertical Misconvergence Coil
AVS Automatic Voltage Sense
BSS Basic System Services
BBS Bulletin Board System
B&D Bearing and Distance
BEL Bell Control character
BER Bit Error Rate
BIND Berkeley Internet Name Daemon
BLAST interactive program manages transmission FT
BNS Basic (System)Name Server
BNSIO BNS Input Output
BPN Boundary Point
BPX Boundary Point eXit
bps bit per second
BS Back Space
BS Basic System
BSD Berkeley Software Distribution
BSGD Basic System Global Data
BSHC Basic System Hardware Context
BNN Boundary Network Node
BNS Basic System name Server
BSD Berkeley Standard Distribution
BSHC Basic System Hardware Context
BSS Basic System Services
BSS Basic System Software=Virtual Interface=Middle
BYP Bypass (single radar mode)
C-RCMS Centre-Remote Control and Monitoring System  
CA Conflict Alert
CA Command Area
CAM Central Announcement Message
CARD Conflict And Risk Display
CAxxx správy systému AMA
CCITT Consultatif Committee for International Telephony and Telegraphy
CCN Common Connection Network
CD Carrier Detect
CD Compact Disk
CDA Compound Document Architecture
CDD CDC Debugger
CDC Consistent Datastore Copies
CDN Coordination field in strip
CDN Coordination Message
CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data -modem
CDT Converter Drive Transformer
CFL Cleared Flight Level , CLAM Flight Level
CH Channel check message
CHG Change Message
CI Computer Interconnect
CIDIN Common ICAO Data Interchange Network
CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer
CKB Common KeyBoard
CLAM Cleared Level Adherence Monitoring
CM Clock Management
CMSG Clean message
CNL Cancel message
CNL Cancellation message
COORD Coordinate
COP Coordination exit point
COPS Common Operational Performance Specifications
CPD Colour Processor Display
CPL Current Flight Plan
CPU Central Processing Unit
CR Carriage Return
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRG Communication Research Group
CR Clear Request
CRR Clear Request Response
C/S,CS Callsign
CALLSGN Callsign
CS Clock Synchronization
CSC Computer Software Configuration (DOD standard)
CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item (applicative
CSCM Central SCM (System Control and Monitoring)
CSN Check Sequence Number
CSPEC Control Specification
CSU Controlling Sector Unit
CTS Clear To Send
CWP Controller Working Position
CWS Controller Workstation
CY Convergence Coil
CZW Conflict Zoom Window
DAIW Danger Area Infringement Warning      
DAT Digital Audio Tape
DBMS Data Base Maintenance System
DCE Data Communication Equipment
DCOR Decoupling
DCOU Manual DeCOUpling
DCT Direct Flight
DCT Dynamic Convert Transformer
DCT Direct route indicator (ICAO)
DDCMP   Data Communications Message Protocol from Digital
DDM Data Distribution Management
DDM Data Display Monitor
DDIF Data Document Interchange Format
DEC Data Equipment Corporation
DEL      Delete
DEP Departure Message
DEPA Departure Airfield
DEST Destination Airfield
DF Direction Finder
DFD Data Flow Diagram
DFT Distance From Threshold
DFT Dynamic Focus Transformer
DFX-Y Dynamic Focus X-Y
DGC Degauss Circuit
DLA Delay message
DMA Direct Memory Access
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
DML Display Mail Box window
DMS Diskless Management Service
DNA Digital Network Architecture
DNC Dual Node Control (Šasł NPM)
DOD Department of Defense
DOF Data Of  Flight
DOTS Data Object Transport Format
DP Data Processor
DPL Displayed Plan (or creates)
DPMI DOS Protected Mode Interface
DPP Data Presentation Processing unit
DPR Data Preparation
DPS Data Processing Subsystem unit
DQP Double Quadrupol Coil (axis diagonal)
DRU Data Regrouping Unit
DRW Departure Runway
DS Datastore
DSC Datastore Copy
DSIN Digital Software Information Network
DSM Diskless Management System
DSP Dual SCSI Processor
DSP Domain Specific Part
DSU Datastore Copy User
DSW 21 Synchronous serial communications interface for the Model60(WAX 4000)
DTE Data Terminal Equipment
DUART Dual Universal Asynchro Receive./Trasm.
DUPE Duplicate
DY Deflection Yoke
EAR Error Address Register
EAT Expected Approach Time
EBM Entity-Based Module
EC Executive Controller position
ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference
EDA External Devices Access
EDD Electronic Data Display
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EET Estimated Elapsed Time
EET Estimated Entry Time
EETB Estimated Elapsed Time over Boundary
EFP External Front Processing CSCI
EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture - bus
EMG Emergency
EMS Expanded Memory Specification
ENV ATS Environment Database
EOBT Estimated Off-Block Time
EOF End Of File
EPC Exception Program Counter
EQUIP com/nav/app aid equipment and ssr equip.
ESAR Ethernet Station Address Register
ESD Electrostatic discharge
EST Estimate message
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETB Estimated Time of Boundary
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETI External Time Injection
ETN Estimated Time of Entry
ETO Estimated Time of Overflight
ETX Estimated Time over FDRG Exit Boundary
EIPC Error IPC messages
ETI External Time Injection
FAF Final Approach Fix
FAT File Allocation Table
FCS Frame Check Status
FCP Flight Conflict Probe
FDD Flight Data Display
FDO Flight Data Operator
FDP Flight plan Data Processing system
FDP Flight Data Processor (CSCI)
FDPS Flight Data Processing System (HWCI)
FDR Flight Data Record
FDRG Flight Data Region
FIC Flight Information Center position
FIN Finished
FIFO First in First out /communication channel/
FIPS Federal  Information Processing Standard
FIR Flight Information Region
FIS Factory-installed software
FIW Flight Input Workstation
FL Flight Level
FKP Function Key Pad (Blok funkŠněch klaves)
FNM Flight Notification Message
FP Front Processor
FPA Flight Plan Activation
FPAPI FP Application Processing Interface
FPBSS Basic Software for the MPNIU common package and I/O library (csci)-FP
FPBSS Front Processor Basic System Software
FPC Flight Plan Calculation
FPCP Flight Plan Conflict Probe
FPCR Flight Data Conflict Region
FPF Flight Plan Function
FPL Flight Plan
FPL Filed Flight Plan
FPPS Flight Plan Processing System
FPSS Flight Plan State Strip window
FPSUP Front Processor SUPervision
FP Supervision workstation - UNIX proc.- FP
FPU Floating-Point Unit
FPW Flight Plan Window
FQM Flight plan Query Message
FQR Flight plan Query Reply
FR Flight Rules
Freq NS frequency
FRF Further Route of Flight
FRN Field Reference Number
FRU Field-Replesable Unit
FRUL Flight Rules
FSP Flight Plan Printer
FSPEC Field Specification
ft foot (feet)
FTP File Transport Protocol
FTYP Flight Type  S-N-G-M-F
FTX Fault Tolerant Unix
FUM Forced Update Message
GAT General Air Traffic
GATE airport gate and/or parking bay
GBSS Graphic Processor Basic System Software
GCM Gun Centre Magnet
GDM Graphic Display Monitor
GIA General Information Area
GIP General Information Picture
GKS Graphic Kernel System
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GND Ground Controller Position (Tower Suite)
GP Geographical Point
GTW Gateway
GUY Graphical User Interface
GWY Gateway
GWYS Gateway System (HWCI)
HAW Horizontal Aid Window
HCP Hard Copy Printer
HDLC High-level Data Link Control
HHmm Hours and minutes
HIF Hand-over In First sector
HIN Hand-over In intermediate
HLD Holding
HMI Human hine Interface
HNDOFF Hand-off
HNDOVER Hand-over
HOF Hand Over First
HRC High voltage Regulator Converter
HRT High Resolution Timers
HSC Hierarchical Storage Controller
HSR Hot Stand-by Redundancy
HT Heater
HTC Highest Two-way channel
HVR High Voltage Resultant
HWCI Hard Ware Configuration Item
IAPL Individual ATC flight plan
IARR Individual Arrival
IB Information Button (mouse)
IBM BISYNC Binary synchronous communications
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICD Interface Control Document
ICHG Individual Change
ICMP Internal Control Message Protocol
ICNL Individual Cancel
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
IDD Interface Design Document
IDEP Individual Departure
IDI Initial Domain Identifier
IDP Initial Domain Part
IEEE The Institute of  Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEEE802.3 norma s označením Ethernet pre siete LAN
IFPDSQ Individual Flight Plan Data Summary Query
IFPDSQR  Individual Flight Plan Data Summary Reply
IFPL IFPS internal flight plan representation
IFPN IFPS network
IFPO IFPS operator
IFPP Initial Flight Plan Processing
IFPR IFPS region
IFPRU IFPS Responsible Unit
IFPS Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
ILACC ethernet controller -FP (single LAN)
ILS Instrument Landing System
IMG Image Test
IOC Input / Output Calls
IP Internet Protokol
IPC Inter Process Communication
IPCS  Interprocess Communication Secured Representation
IRPL IFPS Internal Repetitive Flight Plan
IRQ Interrupt Request Test
IRS Interface Requirements Specification
ISA Industry Standard Architecture - bus
ISCM IFPS Software Configuration Manager
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO International Standards Definition
IT Internal Timer
IUSO IFPS Unit Security Officer
IVCS Integrated Voice Communication Subsystem
kt knot
LAB Label Line
LAC Local Access Component
LACH Individual ATC flight plan Change
LAM    Logical Acknowledgment message
LAN Local Area Network
LAT Local Area Transport
LCI Local Channel Identifiers
LCI Logical Channel Identifiers
LCSU Logical Control Sector Unit
LCT Local Control Terminal
LED Simulation Leader ,LEDMMI - Leader MMI
LED Light Emitting Diode
LF Line Feed
LLC Logical Link Control
LOC List Of Compliance
LPL Local Flight Plan
LPTR Line Printer
LRU Line Replaceable Unit
LSB Least Significant bit
LSCMIO Local SCM Input/Output
LT,MT,HT,DT Low, Medium, High, Delta Time
Lt Sequence Time Requirement
LTC Line Terminal Concentrator
LTC Lowest Two-way channel
LTC Local Control Terminal
MAC Medium Access Control
MAN Manual
MAN Metropolitan Area Network
MAU Medium Access Unit
MB or Mb Mega Bytes (1048576 bites)
mb millibar
MCOU (MCOR) Manual COUpling
MCQ (base-FPS)
MCR Multiple Computation Redundancy
MCS Modelling Complex Simulator
MDC Multi Device Controller - radič
MDM Master Died Message
MER Memory Error Register
MET Meteorological data/zones
MFS Message From Shanwick
MIkROTEC-C Cross-compiler / debagged
MMI Man / Machine Interface
MMJ Modified Modular Jack
MNP Microcom Network Protocol
MOD MODification
MR Modem Ready
MRDP Multiradar Data Processing
MRT Multi-Radar Tracking
MSAW Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
MSG Message
MSP Medium Speed Printer
MSV Video Output Memory (F)
MSR Memory Size Register
MTCA Medium Term Conflict Assistance
NAS Network Application Support
NCF Node Configuration File
NCP Network Communication Protocol
NCP Network Control Program (DEC)
NDS Non Development Software
NFS Network File System
NI Network Interface
NIU Network Interface Uni
NOTAM Notice To Air Men
NPM  Node Process Monitoring
NPM Node & Process Management
NS Next Sector
NSAP Network Service Access Point
NSF Node Server File
NSSR New SSR code
NTC Neck Twist Coil (stat. misconv.)
NVR Nonvolatile RAM
OAT Operational Air Traffic
OCM Operational Configuration Management
OCP Over Current Protection
ODID Operational Display and Input Development
ODS Operator Display Suit
OFC Off-centering
OFS Ordering Field Sequencing
OLDI On Line Data Interchange (EUROCONTROL prot)
ONLD On-line Diagnostic
Oper Operational
OPS SUP OPerational Supervisor
OSF Open Software Function
OSI Open System Interconnection
OTH Other
OVP Over Voltage Protection
PA Participating Area
PA Part of messages used for RTF
PAC Preliminary Activation
PAD Packed Assemblers/Disassemblers
PC Purity Coil
PCA Pilot Control Area
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect - bus
PCMCIA Personal Computer  Memory Card Interface
PCSU Physical Control Sector Unit
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PEL Planned Entry Level
PFL Planned Flight Level
P&H Press and Hold (mouse)
PIL Simulation Pilot
PIT Programmable Input Translator
PIT Power Isolation Transformer
PLC Planning Controller
PN Normal Atmospheric Pressure
POA Power Open Association
POE Power Open Environment
POSIX Portable Operating System for Computer
POT Power Output Transformer
POWER Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC
PROBE Insert flight plan to FPCP database
PROM Programmable Read Only Memory
PRT Power Regulator Transformer
PS Position Symbol
POSIX Portable Operating System Interface
PSR Primary Surveillance Radar
PSSR Previous SSR code
PVD Panoramic View Display
PVD Plan View Display
PVD Plan View Display , Plan View Display
QCRE Quick Create
QIC Quarter Inch Cartridge (p ska)
QL Quick Look
QFE atm.tlak v mieste letiska
QNH QNH atm. tlak na hladinu mora (hPa)
r rate of change (climb or descent)
RAC Radar Alert Capabilities
RAM Random Access Memory
RAM Route Adherence Monitoring
RBE Radar Biases Estimation
RCC Ringing Chock Converter
RCF Radio Communication Failure
RCL Recall (range & off-centering)
RCMS Remote Control and Monitoring System
RCS Requested Cruising Speed
RD Receive Data
RDF Radio Direction Finder
RDF Radar Data Function
RDP Radar Data Processing
RDP Radar Data Processor (
RDPC Radar Data Processor (CSCI)Computer
RDPS Radar Data Processing (system) (FP+RFP+RDP)
REC Recording Processing (system)
REC Recording SCSI
RECS Recording System (HWCI)
REL Aircraft is relased
REV Revision
RFDP Radar Flight Data Process
REJECT packet
RFL Requested Flight Level
RFP Requested Flight Plan
RFP Radar Front Processor
RFP Radar Front Processor CSCI
RFPS Radar Front Processor (HWCI)
RFPS Radar Front Processing System
RFS Random FIELD sequencing
RGB Red Green Blue
RIS Remote Installation Service
RMS Record Management System addition
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer
RNG Range Marker
RNR packet
ROC      Rate Of  Climb
ROD Rate Of  Descent
ROM Read Only Memory
RP Reporting Point
RPC Remote Procedure Calls
RPL Repetitive Flight Plan
RPM Rotation Per Minute
RPT RePeat RequesT
RQP Request Flight Plan message
RQS Request Supplementary Flight Plan
RR Restart Request
R-RCMS Radar-Remote Control and Monitoring System
RRR Restart Request Response
RTC Real Time Clock
RTE RouTE field
RTF r/t Radiotelephone
RTFS Real Time Flow System
RTPM Run-Time Performance Monitoring
RTS Request To Send
RRM Retransmission Request Message
RUC Record Update Counter
RUO Record Update Originator
RWY Runway(RUN)
RXT Received Data
SAC Source Area Code
SAFE Signal ATC Facilities and Equipment
SAM Slot Allocation Message
SAMG System Area Mosaic Grid
SAR Search and Rescue
SBY Standby
SCAMP System Configuration and Management Program
SCC Serial Communication Chip
SCCS Source Code Control System
SCHROFF VME bus rack with 12 slots -FP
SCM System Control and Monitoring
SCMIO System Control and Monitoring Input / Output
SCO Santa Cruz Operation
SCSI Small Computer System Interface
SD Send Data
SDB Static Data Base
SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control
SDU Software Development Unit
SEC Sector Identifier
SFD Start Frame Delimiter  syn.pole priznak.zač.ramca
SIC Source Identity Code
SI System Parameter
SID Standard Instrument Departure
SIC Source Identity Code
SIG Special Interest Group - konferencia na BBS
SIL Sector Inbound List
SIMM Single In line Memory Module  
SIMS Simulator System (HWCI)
SIR System Interrupt Mask Register
SITA Society Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques
SKIP SKIP a sector
SKPL Simulated Kinematic flight Plan
SLA Single LAN
SLC Slot Cancel Message
SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol
SMC System control and Monitoring
SML Send MaiL window
SMP Symmetric Multi Processing
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SMRC Status Monitoring and Remote Control
SNBU Switched Network Back-Up
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SOC Statement Of  Compliance
SOH Start Of Heading
sp ground speed
SPI Special Pulse Identification
SPD Software  Product Description
SPL Request ? Supplementary Flight Plan message
SPM(F) System Parameter Management (Function)
SPMS+ SW Configuration Management - FP
SPR Software Performance Reports
SPT Strip Printer
SRD Synthetic Radar Display
SRM Slot Revision Message
SRS Software Requirements Specification
SRU Shop Replaceable Unit
SRW Secondary Radar Window
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar
SSR System Support Register
SSRC Current SSR code
SSTP Strip Set - uP
STAR Standard Terminal Arrival Route
STBY Standby
STCA Short Term Conflict Alert
STO STOred (range & off centering)
STX Start of Text
SVID System V Interface Definition
SUM Software User Manual
SUP Supervisor
SUPC/COND supplementary crossing data
SUPMMI Supervisor Man Machine Interface
SYS System modes
SYSCO System Assisted Coordination
TACT Tactical System
TAP Test the flight plan data with other flight plan (FPCP)
TAS True Air Speed
tas Flight Plan true airspeed
TCM Time and Clock Manager
TCL Tirior Commutateur de Lignes(Line Switching Unit)
TCM Time and Clock Management software
TCM Terminal Concentrator Modules
TCP Terminal Concetrator Processor
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol pre siete INTERNET vznikol v prostredi BSD UNIX)
TEC Technical Position /Workstation
Telnet Teletype Across a Net
TFC Track Flight plan Coupling
TGG Geometrical and Graphical board
THOLD Terminate Hold
TID Touch Input Device
TI:ME Sector Exit Time
TL Transition Level
TLAB Track Labelling
TM Time Management
TMA Terminal Manoevring Area
TNX Implementation of TCP/IP prot. (Ready system) FP
Tn First waypoint in the next sector
TOS Traffic Orientation Scheme
TRK Track
TRS Transmission Window
TS Time Server
TTY Teletype Telex Machine
TWR Tower
TWS Technical Workstation
Tx Next waypoint ETA
TXD Transmitted Data
TYPE Aircraft Type
UAP User Application Profile
UBSS UNIX Basic System Software(Services)
UDP User Data Protocol
UDP/IP User Datagram Protocol/Internet Protocol
UFN Until Further Notified
UIM Update Initiation Messages
UIR Upper Information Region
UNPROBE Remove the flight plan from FPCP database
UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply
URM Update Retransmission Message
The text associated to the MNEMONIC(SCM_WARNING
UTC Universal Time Coordinated
UUCP Unix to Unix CoPy
UWS ULTRIX Workstation Software
VAL Validation
VAW Vertical Assistance Window
VSB VME Subsystem Bus
VCCS Video Communication Control System
VDU Video (Visual) Display Unit
VEL Velocity leader
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VGA Video Graphic Adapter
VGI Virtual Graphic Interface
VHV Very High Voltage
VO Vector Origin Input
VOR VHF Omnidirectional Radio range
VRTX Real Time Monitor (Ready system) SW for -FP
VT Video Terminal
VT Vertical Tabulator
VTC Vessel Traffic Control
w Wake Vortex category (turbulence)
WMB Window Management Button
WPP Working Position Processor
WPN First waypoint in the next sector
WPX Next waypoint on the flight plan
WTC Wake Turbulence Category(WTUR)
XFL eXit Flight Level
XIE X Image Extension application
XPT Exit Point
XPG X/Open Portability Quide
XUI X User Interface
YP Yellow pages